Mestrando Advogado

Mestre Loka and Mestrando Advogado

Professor Ventania

Nathan Sparrow (Mestrando Advogado) began training Capoeira in 1999 under Mestre Loka. He has lived and traveled extensively in Brazil. In 2004 he graduated and opened his school in San Antonio. 

In 2016 he graduated to Mestrando. In September 2020, after over 20 years of training and teaching Capoeira, Mestre Loka will be graduating him to the rank of Mestre. 

Advogado's philosophy has always been that Capoeira is for everyone and will help better your life physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. He has taught over 10,000 Capoeira classes and loves teaching and helping students grow and develop in the art form. Come try a week of classes with us and see for yourself how Capoeira will help benefit your life!

Fabio Ramalho (Professor Ventania) began training Capoeira in 2004 and started helping teach classes in 2010 at The Academy. He graduated to Professor in 2019 and has been teaching classes and helping students grow in Capoeira for many years. 

Monitor Palito

Josh DeLeon (Monitor Palito) began training Capoeira in 2006 and started helping teach at The Academy in 2012. He is a candidate to graduate to Professor in September 2020!